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L.J. Shaw & Company celebrated its 90th anniversary.

We added to our staff by hiring a fine young man, Anthony VanDerHeyden, residing in Kenosha, WI, who by no coincidence shares the last name of one of the owners. In a short time, he has obtained his AIC designation and shown he is a hard worker. That combined with the depth of knowledge the staff are able to share with him bode well for our future.


Nino Berardi celebrated 25 years with L.J. Shaw.

Stephen Hastings – Our beloved past owner and dear friend of L.J. Shaw passed away on March 8, 2021. He came to L.J. Shaw & Company in 1974, eventually rising to owner and Chief Executive Officer. His colleagues, co-workers, and friends at L.J. Shaw became like family, supporting him in good times and bad, all along the way.

Steve was an avid reader — and sometimes editor — in his retirement. He had an infectious laugh, a razor-sharp intellect, and a passionate curiosity about everything from people to airplanes, especially The Blue Angels. He was the best husband, father, and friend you could have — honest, funny, compassionate, generous, courageous, and loyal. And he loved a good Manhattan, extra sweet, “no groceries.” He will be missed by everyone who knew him.


2020 was an eventful year with claims from civil unrest and Covid. We endured due to the strength and determination of our staff and owners.

Randall Ferarri retired after 23 years at L.J. Shaw into the loving arms of his wonderful wife.


With Tim Coppock and Bill Jensen releasing ownership of their stocks and retiring from their management roles, it was time for the next generation to take the helm.  To that end, on January 1, 2019, Nino Berardi, Paul VanDerHeyden, and Michael Schwartz become the sole owners of L. J. Shaw & Company.  Nino Berardi becomes our new Chief Executive Officer, Paul VanDerHeyden our new President, and Michael Schwartz our Executive Vice President.


In April of 2018, L. J. Shaw & Company opens its Brookfield, Wisconsin office to better serve its clients in south and central Wisconsin, and to further cement the company’s status as the premier adjusting firm in the Midwest.


L.J. Shaw unveils a new logo.

At the end of 2016 Tim E. Coppock released his stock ownership. Tim will continue working claims and will maintain his position as CEO and his membership on the Board of Directors.

L.J Shaw Logo

L. J. Shaw & Company welcomed Carlos A. Tobias as our newest member to the firm.


At the end of the year Bill Hall stepped down as CEO and released his stock ownership. Michael R. Schwartz becomes a partner in the firm. The future continues. Timothy E. Coppock steps up and becomes CEO.


Jerome M. Healy passed away March 17, 2011. Jerry was born in Chicago, Illinois.  He attended St. Rita High School and graduated from DePaul University.  He worked at the General Adjustment Bureau and L. J. Shaw & Company as an insurance adjuster.  Jerry retired as a partner in the firm of L. J. Shaw & Company in 1982.


In 2007 L.J. Shaw celebrated its 75th year of providing superior property claim handling service to the insurance industry.

The owners and employees of L.J. Shaw & Company marked the diamond anniversary of the firm with celebratory dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. We were joined by many of our great friends and loyal supporters.

Mike Schwartz brings his estimable talents to the L.J. Shaw team.

Hermine Moritti, our typist extraordinaire, completed her 25th year with our company. She was presented with a watch by the owners to mark this great milestone.

With our solid roster of seasoned veterans and young talent we look forward to continuing for years to come.


Nino Berardi and Paul VanDerHeyden became partners in the firm. These two gentlemen embody perfectly the L.J. Shaw legacy of technical expertise and impeccable ethics.

Speaking of legacies, in June T.R. Coppock became the third generation from the family to be added to the roster, T.R. follows in the estimable footsteps of his grandfather, Bill and father Tim.


Bill Hall became CEO of the firm and Bill Jensen assumes presidency.

As of September 1st Nino Berardi and Paul VanDerHeyden were elevated to the designation of General Adjuster. These two young lions have established themselves as “go to” professionals that are sought after for the prompt resolution of increasingly complex adjustments. This designation is meted out sparingly at L. J. Shaw & Company so everyone is gratified by Nino and Paul’s achievement.


In November we lost a true friend and insurance pro when Randy Sevik passed away. Randy was a soft spoken, no nonsense professional with whom we were proud to be associated.

At the end of the year we bade farewell to one of our GA’s, Larry Spanola. Larry is a consummate professional the like of which is rarely seen. He has been an important member of our team since 1985. Larry has assured us he will not be a stranger and promises to visit often. We wish all the best to Larry and Lodene in their retirement.


In August of our 70th year in business, we were pleased to add Kevin M. Young to our roster.

Throughout its seventy-year history the firm has felt a strong commitment to our great industry. We have demonstrated that commitment by a continuing involvement in numerous insurance based organizations and associations.

Our people have accepted chairmanships and executive offices in the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters,
International Institute of Loss Adjuster’s,
Organization of Flying Adjusters,
Illinois Adjusters’ Association,
Adjusters’ Association of Chicago

Seventy years! We hold dear the accomplishments of the past. But as our founder would have expected, we will always be focused on the future.


On September 17th seasoned veteran David Brinker joined the team.


On January 12th Paul VanDerHeyden joined L. J. Shaw.


On July 1,Bob Hall retired..

On June 15th, Randy Ferrari accepted the position of office administrator.


On January 8, we added Nino Berardi to L. J. Shaw & Company.
On October 1,Randy Sevik. joined the staff.


On March 29th we moved into our new facility at 1100 S. Main Street in Lombard, Illinois.


Effective January 1, 1994 Bill Jensen accepted the office of Vice President and Secretary and Tim Coppock the office of Vice President and Treasurer. Both became owners and partners.

Four man smiling at the camera

Bob Hall relinquished ownership and became office administrator. Steve Hastings became Chief Executive Officer, and Bill Hall became the president of the firm.


Larry Spanola began his tenure on January 7th.


After maintaining offices in the Insurance Exchange Building in downtown Chicago since 1932 the business moved from the “Loop” to Oakbrook Terrace.


It was determined that Bill Hall and Steve Hastings had become such integral members of the firm that they were invited to share in ownership. Bill became vice president and treasurer, and Steve became vice president and secretary. Carl was elevated to executive vice president.

Photo: Steve Hastings, Bill Hall, Bob Hall

Three man smiling at the camera

Jerry Healy chose to take a very early retirement and the ownership remained with Carl Rank and Bob Hall.


Sometime in 1976 Bill Hall needed some personal insurance and made contact with a tall salesman who, in the course of completing a life insurance application showed a great deal of interest in “claims adjusting”- whatever that was. Ever an opportunist, Bill Hall loaded Bill Jensen in his car, and looked at losses for a day. Jensen’s appetite whetted, he applied to and was hired by GAB in 1977. Bill joined our team on January 26th. Bill has earned an AIC designation and became a General Adjuster in 1989.


Tim Coppock, with Underwriters Adjustment Company was offered a position with L. J. Shaw. On March 5th he became the second Coppock to associate with L. J. Shaw and Company. Tim earned the designation of General Adjuster on December 1, 1991.


While being interviewed by GAB in 1971, Bill Hall, had met with their Branch Manager in Jackson, Michigan. That manager was Steve Hastings. Steve had been instrumental in Bill being hired by GAB. In early 1972,Steve was elevated to Branch General Adjuster in Chicago. He was highly respected and his ability was quickly recognized. Within one year he was elevated to Regional General Adjuster.

At Bill Hall’s urging a pitch was made to Steve. The endeavor was viewed as a long shot as it was believed Steve would not be interested in making a change. After three months of meetings, Steve came on board on May 16, He proved to be a cornerstone around which the organization could be strongly built. Steve would prove to be a superb technician, a willing mentor and an industry resource.


As 1972 drew to a close, Bill Coppock invited Carl Rank, Bob Hall and Jerry Healy to join him for lunch. After finishing their sandwiches, he said that he decided it was time for him to retire. All recall the shock as he offered the three adjusters the opportunity to purchase the firm. It took but a moment to accept. Bill Coppock remained a consultant. He continued to contribute many more pertinent articles for magazines, newspapers, and trade publications. Meanwhile, dividing up the duties, Bob Hall became President, Carl Rank, Treasurer, and Jerry Healy, Secretary. On January 1, 1973 a new era began.


In September, Bill Coppock got word of a bright young adjuster with GAB, whom he believed, would fit well into the L. J. Shaw and Company operation. Bill Hall was hired as a learning adjuster and has gone on to a distinguished career.


Jerry Healy resigned from GAB and joined L. J. Shaw and Company. Jerry joined the staff that consisted of Bill Coppock, Carl Rank, and Bob Hall.


In January, Bob Hall, who had worked with Carl Rank at the Railroad Claim Office at Western Adjustment and Inspection Company (later to become General Adjustment Bureau) chose to reunite with Carl Rank and joined L. J. Shaw and Company.


In December, Carl F. Rank, Jr. left GAB to join the Shaw team which Bill Coppock had expanded to four adjusters.

Photo: Carl Rank, Jerry Healy, Bob Hall

Three people standing in a room

William G. Coppock, an employee, acquired the firm after Mr. Shaw’s death. In addition to running the company, he began to build a staff. In the ensuing 20 years, Bill demonstrated a prolific ability as a compelling writer and lecturer, always an advocate of the industry.

Photo: Bill Coppock

Image of William G. Coppock

L. J. Shaw & Company become members of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjuster’s (NAIIA).


Lester J. Shaw, fire loss Manager for the Great Lakes Insurance Company, decided to form his own independent adjustment company and quite appropriately named it L.J. Shaw & Company.

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